TIFF2014 Day 2 and O.M.D.C. @ The Carlu, Fri Sep 5 2014

by Bill Kwan

Day 2 of tiff was a raining day in Toronto but didn’t dampen the spirits of the movie goers and for sure it didn’t dampen the spirit of the event gala “goers”. We stopped over at the O.M.D.C. event which stands for the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Showcasing multiple films, we met the star of the new David Cronenberg movie. The room and hall of the Carlu was filled with P.R., movie makers and actors. A great event that ended after a few hours but still enlightening and filled with very engaging people.

Then it was off to The Albany room hosting a showcase based on some animation houses, mingled with a couple of experienced animators to get insight into their creative minds and some of their upcoming projects. A fun time again, though not as huge of an event but still very interesting to hear the perspective of an animator.

Lastly we hit the Evergreen Brickworks as an invited guest of a friend and attended a huge gala. Live music coupled with great beverage vendors. “Mongrel Media” had their yearly TIFF event. The who’s who were there as George Strombo, Melissa DiMarco and Jerry Dee were some of the celebrities in attendance. With the 4 am curfew I’m sure the party and the band kept the attendees dancing to the new dawn.