Culture Days: Toronto Symphony Orchestra @Roy Thompson Hall


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Culture Days 5th Anniversary Kick Off with the TSO

Conduct Us

This was an opportunity to allow the public a chance (via drawn ballots) to try their skills at conducting the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO).  The lucky few that had this once in a lifetime experience were offered a chance to conduct from one of the three scores for up to 2 minutes:

1. Alford – Colonel Bogey March,

2. Dvorak – Symphony No. 9, or

3. Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto

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The audience were also entertained by celebrities as they showed off their conducting skills as well; Marci Ien (Co-host of CTV’s Canada AM), Colin Feore (actor), Steve Anthony (CP24) and Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies)


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This tourist was so excited at this opportunity that he had to take a “Selfie” just to prove he was conducting the TSO

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