The 6th Annual Northern Lights Award – Toscana Banquet and Conference Center (September 26, 2014)


The 6th Annual Northern Lights Award took place on Friday September 26, 2014 at Toscana Banquet and Conference Center. We would like to thank Jennifer Salo, Director of Public Relations for her gracious invitation to this prestigious event. For more information, please refer to their:


The gala was a celebration of women in their contribution to the world of aviation, the EML Honourees this year were:

Nachelle White – Flight Ops/Maintenance Award

Sandra McDonald – Government Award

Eva Martez – Business Award

Lynne McMullen – Education Award

Dr. Roberta L Bondar – Pioneer Award

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail – Rising Star Award


Walking in through the main doors I was greeted by Jennifer Salo, the Director of Public Relations. As it was very busy upon arrival, she and her team were greeting people like a well-oiled prop.  I quickly moved into the greeting area, where I noticed all the various displays and sponsors, Bombardier, Blakes, Wings, just to name a few. From the corner of my eye I couldn’t help notice a huge smile coming from Nachelle White as she wore her sash with pride. As I walked further up I noticed a group of Air Cadets. It brought back memories when I was part of that organization back in Hamilton. I quickly struck up a conversation with the two volunteers, and quickly learned that we all knew my old Major, which sadly I learned he just passed away earlier this year.

I took a few pics, talked to a number of people and was amazed at the passion everyone had for flying, and more important, how these women are creating future opportunities for other women. Breaking down stereo types, showing what can be done when we have the best person for the role, and not gender based. Dr. Roberta L. Bondar made an amazing speech touching base on personal experience. At the end she received a standing applause.

As the night came to an end, I thought to myself, the event went extremely well. They did exactly what they’re vision statement set out to be…” …aviation and aerospace award program that recognizes, promotes and inspires past, present and future generations of Canadian women in the Industry.” What an inspiring night!


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