Shibui Robata Bar VIP Event-Thurs.,Oct.2nd,2014@230 Adelaide Street West

By Bill Kwan, Photos by A.J.Lam

A big thank you goes out to Nicole Haer of The Publicist Group for the invite and the hospitality. Shibui Robata Bar is Toronto’s new, intimate Japanese Restaurant and Lounge located in the heart of the Entertainment and Fashion District of Toronto. The VIP event featured amazing libations such as beer, sake, wine and other spirits which complimented Chef Masaki’s Japanese creations such as Sushi and Robata which are created artistically but at the same time offered delicious fresh flavours. Tasty treats such as Sea bass, Beef Tenderloin and unique vegetable creations were served to those who attended this unique opportunity to try out their menu. Nestled in the lower level of The Copacabana Brazilian Rodizio restaurant, the bar wasn’t huge in size but the intimate space was a combination of urban vibe with Japanese traditional. A D.J. was present to keep the festivities lively and the crowd quickly filled up the restaurant to fill the place to capacity. In addition to dinner, the Shibui Robata Bar is also open for lunch or apres-work gatherings.