Gary Taxali”Unfamous Pocket Square Launch-Wed.,Oct. 8th,2014@DOM Interiors

Photos by A.J.Lam

DOM Interiors for the Gary Taxali for Unfamous Pocket Square Launch (available at Harry Rosen).
A fun night of great conversation, beverages and food for the great artist Gary Taxali. Gary tops his last event on the rooftop of George Brown and he’s always smiling, chatting the people up and very cordial to the camera people! I’m looking forward to sporting my pocket square when I head south to the U.S.A. it’ll be a great conversational piece.
Larry Rosen, CEO, Harry Rosen Inc. says “Gary Taxali is an incredible artist – a shining example of the immense talent our country has to offer. These pocket squares are a great opportunity for men to showcase their playful personalities and give their look a lift.”
Last Fall, the inaugural series celebrated the culturally-rich heritage of Canada and featured cities – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Canada. This new series celebrates the art of flirtation for the modern man. Each pocket square has a flirty fun message such as “I Black heart (cards) Us”, “Wink/Why Not Me”, “Crushing Big Time/ Make It Count”, “Call Me/Never Call Me” and “You Had Me at Good Bye/My Feelings Like You”. Take a look at the pocket squares by clicking here.