Fleetwood Mac-Sat.,Oct.18th,2014@A.C.C.

As a young teen it was a tradition to see a”Summer Rock Concert Festival”and one of my first ones that I saw as a teen was headliners Fleetwood Mac with The Steve Miller Band at the old Rich Stadium in Buffalo in 1978. At the height of their commercial success with the multi-platiumn “Rumours” Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks injected the iconic Fleetwood Mac with a fresh new sound. Forever known as a blues based band, Nicks and Buckingham changed the complexion of the band to a hit making machine. Yes the band members went their own way or as the song goes”Go Your Own Way” but on Saturday night they all came back together! Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and the return of keyboardist/singer Christie McVie. The concert chronicled the most successfully period of time for Fleetwood Mac from 1976-1982. It would have been great to hear the era when they were a great blues band with original guitar great Peter Green who was the writer for “Black Magic Woman” which was made famous by Carlos Santana. The show began with a series of songs from Rumours: The Chain, You Make Loving Fun, Dreams etc. Lindsey Buckingham may have taken a 30 second break during the whole concert and he showed he is an elite frontman as the crowd were on their feet for most of the concert. It was great to hear the title song Tusk from the Tusk album from 1980. The back drop was great as it showed the UCLA marching band coordinating with Fleetwood Mac. Each band member had their time in the spot light except John McVie who looked comfortable in the background. It’s fine to do Rumours from top to bottom and I hope in Feb. 2015 when they return here, they’ll change the set to include some surprise tunes! Maybe some cool tunes back in the Bob Welch and Peter Green era? Hey this real Fleetwood Mac fan can only hope! Into a 68-date tour that will extend well into 2015, the band seemed genuinely thrilled to be back in action with McVie at the keyboards. Drummer Mick Fleetwood looked extremely energetic, in fact, when he emerged onstage after the encore in a glittery red top hat Mick yelled out “The Mac is back!”


Set List: