Damzels 20th Anniversary Party, Oct., 16, 2014 @Gallery345

The Damzels (@damzels) 20th (Damzels In This Dress) anniversary party was held at Gallery 345.

Not your ordinary fashion designers, Kelly Freeman and Rory Lindo are two ladies out to make a statement with their unique rock and roll and pin-up style inspired dresses with a vintage edge that you rarely see today.  Some of the know celebs that rock their outfits are Fiest, The Donnas, Arcade Fire, Kate Hudson, Kirsten Dunst, Neve Campbell and Sarah Polly.

As guests entered the event there was a chance to take a group photo, with hors d’oeuvre, wine, beers and cocktails provided for guests as they mingled and had a chance to talk with Kelly and Rory throughout the evening.  As some of the past dresses and photos were on the display as this gala, the show pieces were displayed on models as they walked the venue showcasing the past and present designs of Damzels.


Guests were also rocking Damzels outfits to show their support for Kelly and Rory.

The evening was hosted by R. Kelly Clipperton (@RKClipperton) with special guests Fay Slift (@fay_slift) entertaining the crowd with his performances and Tyler Yarema (@tyleryarema or tyleryarema.com) putting his fingers to work on the piano.