Delicious Food Show Oct., 17, 2014 @Direct Energy Centre

The 2014 edition of the Delicious Food Show #DFS14 (Food Network) kicked off on October 17th, 2014 and ends October 19th, 2014.  Media were given a tour of the venue and treated to a morning breakfast from Bar Buca and coffee from Parachute Coffee.  Followed by a quick Q&A session by the panel of featured chefs (Mario Batali, Chuck Hughes, Tyler Florence and Robert Gentile)

Mario Batali took the stage and delighted the packed crowd with his cooking and comedy…cooking up a storm (veal, eggplant and apple fritter for dessert) and showing off his footwear to a packed audience. For those that follow Batali footwear, yes those are orange crocs that he is sporting

During the event, food lovers will be given a chance at winning the dream kitchen put together on the cooking stage by Wolf

Featured chefs Chuck Hughes and Mario Batali signing autographs at Indigo book store on the opening day.


Some featured chefs Nick Liu of Dai Lo and Robbie Hojilla of Hudson Kitchen showing off their culinary skills

As you move through the venue, food lovers are able to purchase drink/food tickets as well as sample the cornucopia of delicious drinks, foods and desserts that Delicious Food Show offered and some free gifts to take home.


A special thanks to Brittney McKee from ButterPR (@butter_pr) for providing the opportunity to attend this event