WAHLBURGERS Launch (Nov 15, 2014)

By Nicholas Chan

Coming from the blistering cold North-East USA, Boston, Wahlburgers established it’s foothold in the competitive Toronto (restaurant) burger landscape.

As per Wahlburger:

Welcome to Wahlburgers – one of the best restaurants in Boston. With unique burger recipes and custom cocktails (wahlcoctions), it’s easy to see why we have an upcoming A&E reality show! If you wanna have a good time at a fun burger restaurant in Boston, MA, make your way to Wahlburgers, where the fun never stops!


The full scale launch was further graced (if you saw the A&E show) by the show regulars Paul Wahlberg (chef) and Donnie Wahlberg (with new wife Jenny McCartney in tow).

You can expect Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg movies playing on large screens and old school boy band Backstreet Boys playing in stereo on the speakers.

“Walk on the Wildside” Toronto….

Wahlburger is located in the Entertainment District 46 Blue Jays Way.