Fresh Burgers-Fri.,Nov.28th,2014@542 Church St.

You could say it was “Freebie Friday” at Fresh Burgers The grand opening of the downtown Toronto location at 542 Church St.
Jacques Kavafian Founder of Fresh Burger provided the hospitality for the opening of Toronto’s new Burger experience. He says “an honest hamburger experience. Hamburger restaurants are popping all over the city but only a few make hamburgers the way it should be. Many of them complicate the hamburger into various concoctions. We emphasize the taste of the hamburger itself. At Fresh Burger we promise to offer great tasting hamburgers done right. No mumbo jumbo burgers at my restaurant. We make our hamburgers with 100% lean Canadian AAA Sirloin that we grind freshly on site every day. My products are never frozen.
I love food but I love hamburgers and fries even more. I am also very specific about how things should be done as I harbour an aversion to cutting corners. That is why we promise that you will have as close to a perfect hamburger and fries experience as you can get.
To pair with our delicious hamburgers are our perfect fries. We peel and cut the potatoes by hand. We blanche them at low temperature in clean Canola oil. We make them crispy and delicious by frying at high temperature just before serving it to you.
Fresh Burger’s mission is to satisfy you, the customer. It is also to satisfy its employees and suppliers. Everyone who interacts with Fresh Burger must be satisfied with the experience. If for any reason your interaction with any member of our team fails to deliver on this promise, please contact me at my personal email address below and I will make sure we make things right.
Fresh Burger Tastes Good like a Hamburger Should! I hope you like it.”
A very enjoyable “Fresh” burger indeed for this reporter. I’ll be coming back for the burgers and poutines again.
A special thank you to Deb Lewis of City Events for the invite and the hospitality.