Liv, Love and Lyrics In Memory Of Olivia Wise+Livwise Foundation-Sun.,Nov.30th,2014@The Toronto Centre for the Arts in North York

Photography by Dino Funez

The Concert in memory of Olivia Wise Foundation) helping support children’s grief program called Liv, Love and Lyrics was held at The Toronto Centre for the Arts in North York
Kari Winemaker’s daughter Olivia Wise died of brain cancer in November 2013. Her family’s LivWise Foundation hosted a concert entitled, ‘ Liv, Love and Lyrics’, in support of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program. North York teenager Olivia Wise became more ill with a brain tumour, a counselor came to her home to listen as she shared her thoughts and fears about facing a terminal illness.
On Nov. 30, just five days after the first anniversary of Olivia’s death, the LivWise Foundation created in Olivia’s honour hosted the Liv, Love and Lyrics concert with proceeds going to the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Program, which provided the counselor for Olivia and her family.
Featuring singer-songwriter Andy Grammer, the event included performances by three teenage contest winners and an after-party.
The concert held at North York’s Toronto Centre for the Arts, a venue where Olivia had performed with her school, Crestwood, at several concerts over the years, even performing a couple of solos.
Olivia became an international sensation when a video of her singing Katy Perry’s song Roar was posted on YouTube about six weeks before she died.
That prompted Perry to respond with a video message telling Olivia that her performance moved her and many others and encouraging to “keep roaring.”
The first indication of Olivia’s illness came when the family was away on vacation in January 2012 and Olivia suffered a seizure in her sleep.
Because she had been treated for mild cerebral palsy at SickKids Hospital, her parents called her doctors and were advised to keep an eye on her and bring her in for an appointment when they returned home.
Tests revealed Olivia had an inoperable brain tumour and lost her battle on Nov. 25, 2013.
The LivWise Foundation was established in her honour to help charities achieve their goals.
We look forward to the 2nd Annual Liv, Love and Lyrics event in 2015. A special thank you goes out to Michelle Lenick for the invite and hospitality.