Slipknot with Korn – Sun.,Nov.30th,2014 @ACC


It was the “Prepare For Hell Tour” as headliner Slipknot welcomed fellow brother Korn to this world tour for 2014. 1st opening act “King” could not come over the border which meant a small wait til Korn came on stage at the ACC.

Inconsistent sound, proved to be an issue for  Korn, but they weren’t the only difficulties faced by lead singer Jonathan Davis and his fellow Korn mates, yes they have incorporated songs which are “Dubstep” oriented with Skrillex these days but the core of their set were their well known songs from their hey days of the 90;s+the early 2000’s.

The set found Korn focusing on material from 2005 and prior, especially their first two albums, with only a couple of song from ” The Paradigm Shift” which tracks representing this decade. But the fans who were”moshing” didn’t mind at all as evident by the body surfing, slam dancing and general mayhem on the ACC floor area.


Vocalist Davis still performs with his erotic Giger-made micstand these days; his vocal skills were good, his “headbanging” skills were in fine form during this show, which was the case during his scat bit in “Freak on a Leash.” As the singer bounced back and forth with bassist Fieldy, lunging at one another. Drummer Ray Luzier threw a stick high up in the air but failed to catch it on its way down. Some “Hit and Miss” incidents during the set but overall the real fans didn’t mind during their opening set before Slipknot.

After a short intermission Slipknot or as they were known as “The Voliminal nine”— is now seven official members but filled out by two other more than capable live performers — took the stage behind a curtain, while the opener to their latest album: The Gray Chapter, played over the speakers. The veil was lifted after “XIX” segued into “Sarcastrophe” to an enthusiastic welcome for the masked men of Slipknot.

Vocalist Corey Taylor demanded the crowd to “get your devil horns up in the fucking air,” which was all too appropriate considering the massive demon head was behind the band. A lot of pyrotechnics, smoke, lasers and raising platforms had the crowd on their feet for the whole show.

Again it was evident that the crowd on the ACC floor area was so into dancing and screaming to the Slipknot set. Corey Tailor had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he had them singing, screaming, waving their hands, jumping up and down and generally enjoying the show.

Corey is a journalist, solo musician and lead singer of Stone Sour. It doesn’t look like he will be slowing down in the near future. Corey Tailor and the rest of the members of Slipknot were full of energy for their two and half hour set. Constantly running around back and forth on stage had the crowd screaming for more.

Corey had many moments to communicate with the crowd and he thanked the Toronto crowd for making The Gray Chapter certified Platinum in sales and brought out the framed Platinum album out on stage to show the frenzied fans.

This writer didn’t bring his ear plugs and these ears are just adjusting to hearing again with no ringing. The boys from Iowa still have a great following and we look forward to “Knotfest” in the sumertime.



Slipknot’s Set List:
The Heretic Anthem
My Plague
The Devil in I
The Negative One
Opium of the People
Dead Memories
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Spit It Out
People = Shit
‘Til We Die
Korn’s Set List
Here to Stay
Right Now
Love & Meth
Falling Away from Me
Good God
Shoots and Ladders
(with a snippet of Metallica’s … more)
Coming Undone
Freak on a Leash