WXN 12th Annual-Canada’s Most Powerful Women:Top 100-Thurs.,Nov.27th,2014@M.T.C.C.

The 12th Annual Canada’s Most Powerful Women: https://www.wxnetwork.com/top-100-women Top 100 Leadership Summit&Awards Gala was held in Toronto this past Thursday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Leader Summit was hosted by Kathleen Taylor, Chair of the Board of RBC. A tireless and super busy speaker this week. Kathleen hosted the RBC Top Women Entrepreneurs at the Fairmount Royal York the night before. The Top 100 Awards exist to applaud women who demonstrate changes, strength and timelessness. The Winners and nominees at this gala demonstrated all the attributes to be included in the night of celebration. Since 2003, WXN has honoured Top 100 Award Winners across Canada. To date they have recognized 800 Top Award Winners and inducted 106 of these women into the Hall of Fame. The Mercedes-Benz Cocktail reception started the evening off in the crowded foyer of the Convention Centre. Catherine Murray, BNN anchor, welcomed the capacity crowd to the gala. A delicious dinner plus networking followed the opening speeches. Keynote speaker Kathleen Taylor of RBC spoke to the audience for about half an hour. Desserts and Networking followed Kathleen’s speech. More award presentations followed the dessert ceremonies. The final part of the evening consisted of the WXN Hall of Fame inductions and the closing remarks by Pamela Jeffery, WXN Founder. A special thank you goes to Bria Weaver of Harbinger Ideas for the invite and hospitality.

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