Cat Stevens/Yusuf”Peace Train,Late Again Tour”-Mon.,Dec.1st,2014@Massey Hall

It was dubbed “Peace Train……Late Again Tour”! as Cat Stevens/Yusuf played to a sold out crowd at Massey Hall.  The backdrop on stage was a train station and the billboard sign read”Toronto.” It’s been 38 years since he last played in Toronto and by the reaction of the crowd it seemed like an eternity for the predominantly middle age crowd. Of course the concert also had it’s kinks before the show even started. The set was 45 minutes late as the tight security had patrons physically checked before they could enter the doors. Then they had to pass through a “airport type “metal detector and possibly a hand metal detector waved by security at Massey Hall. After all the precautions and a one hour wait outside, this writer thawed out in the warm and historical Massey Hall. What to expect from a great song writer/musician after he was in seclusion for so many years. Well the fans let Stevens/Yusuf know their feelings. Some positive and some negative. Alot of cheering fans screaming “We love and miss you Cat.” While others screamed out “Play some material we know.” The first set was comprised of some new songs, cover tunes that Stevens admired and a few recognizable tunes.There was a short 20 minute intermission and then Stevens performed notable songs, new songs and his favourite cover tunes. Stevens ended his set with two encore tunes: “Moonshadow and Miles From Nowhere. I believe alot of the crowd were here for a “Greatest Hits” version of this tour. Sure he did “Ole Very Young”, “Wild World” and of course “Peace Train.” And from the reaction of the crowd during the concert it was split, some wanted the old Cat Stevens and the other were just happy that he has decided to tour again, make new music and be in the spot light again.