Savoury Chef Table Experience, Dec. 3, 2014, @The Westin Harbour Castle

In January of 2015, the Westin Harbour Castle will open a new intimate style restaurant named Savoury, where up to 10 guests (yes, there is a minimum cost for the room, but you can book the room for a special occasion) can dine on five-course meals that will be designed and prepared by celebrity chef Corbin Tomaszeski.

Chef Corbin Tomaszeski suggested that “Twenty-six years ago, the idea of a chef’s table was exciting as it gave an inside view of the chef’s table. Now my aunt says she has a chef’s table—but it’s really just her counter table in her kitchen”.  So why the confustion? Well at Savoury, the hotel and Chef Corbin would like to invite you, back into the kitchen, but with an added twist that its like you are in Chef Corbin’s home kitchen. “I’m going to cook and you will love it!” as Chef Corbin tells us with a ear to ear smile.

The cost for a five course tasting menu starts at $250 per guest (any dietary or food allegories can be accommodated).  Bookings can only be made for one group at a time as the concept of the communal table does not work in Canada, according to Chef Corbin.  The Savoury room can be booked for two guests however both guests will be subject to the minimum room price of $2,500.  An expensive meal perhaps, but it will be one enjoyable night of fine dining with your own personal chef.

The one note everyone should know is that Chef Corbin Tomaszeski will not be cooking all the time. “We want to pass the batons off to our apprentices and young cooks who want to be an executive chef.”  The goal of Savoury and the experience is to leave diners satisfied but not stuffed.

So the next time you find yourself with a small or larger group (of 10 diners), head down to the harbourfront and walk into The Westin Harbour Castle as another choice for dining and not just for an overnight stay in the city.

Chef Corbin Tomaszeski as hosted popular Food Network shows Dinner Party Wars, Restaurant Makeover and Restaurant Takeover.


Special thank you to Jennifer Bolton (Sales Generalist) and Tim Reardon (General Manager)