Jupitar Ascending Movie Premiere

By Derek Lang

Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Directors: Andy and Lana Wachowski
Think of the backdrops and architecture of Dune mixed with Star Wars episode 2, throw in some elements of the Terminator and you almost have this movie except you don’t really care about the characters.
Also for a movie with a lot of action, this movie contains a whole bunch of people blabbing about who they are supposed to be and how they relate to one another. Even with all that uninteresting dialogue there’s still characters in the film who you question why they are there, what purpose do they have, how are they even moving the story along. Yep, the movie pulls a Lindelof on the audience.
Visually, the movie is quite stunning to look at. Lots of nice backgrounds, explosions, shots of Chicago from the air. Story wise, it’s a neat idea. Overall, Meh