Superbowl49-Day 1 Media Day-Tues.,Jan.27th,2015@Phoenix,Arizona

It was one heck of a plane ride traveling from the Snow, Ice and blizzard of Toronto to the sunny west coast of Phoenix, Arizona. It was shaky, wobbly and sheer fear on the plane enroute to Superbowl 49 and trying to make it in time for Media Day. Well we never made it on time and the media was leaving in droves from the Chase Stadium once we arrived. It didn’t matter as the fans and media carried the event outside of the stadium. The blizzard prevented us to arrive on time but the party continued on the street. It was a start of an excellent week in Arizona for Superbowl 49. After this event we were off to our next stop……The W Hotel in Scottsdale.

We arrived at The App party at The W Hotel in Scottsdale and the weather was sunny on the rooftop. A beautify boutique hotel with a glamorous ambiance in their lobby and staircase.  Nothing was set up and the staff had no answers when the event would start.  One good thing was the level of events during the week at The W Hotel: Suits and Sneakers Wed.,, Jan. 28th, The Big Game Experience with Jamie Foxx+Friends Thurs., Jan 29th, The Playboy Party Fri.,Jan 30th and Drake Sat. Jan. 31st. We would be back for “The Suits and Sneakers” event the next day.