Reel World Visionary+Trailblazer Awards-Thurs.,Jan19th,2015@CBC Atrium

Trail•blaz•er:”Someone who creates a path to guide others; a pioneer in a particular area who is pointing things in a new direction; an innovator.” It was an evening of awards, walking the Red Carpet,food, photo opps and drinks at the CBC Barbara Frum Atrium to celebrate outstanding contributions to The Reel World Film Festival. Tanya Williams and a host of other celebrities were on hand to present the awards to the receipients.
Each year, excellence is recognized at ReelWorld by presenting the following juried awards:
• Tonya Williams Outstanding Canadian Feature,
presented by TD Bank Group
• Outstanding International Feature
• Outstanding Documentary Feature
• Outstanding Debut Feature
• Outstanding Short Film
The festival audiences vote for their favourites each year:
• ReelChoice Audience Award
• ReelChoice Audience Award for Outstanding Music Video,
presented by TD Bank Group
The ReelWorld Visionary Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact on the Canadian entertainment industry by opening doors to others and creating lasting change. Past recipients of the ReelWorld Visionary Award include: Arnold Auguste, Cameron Bailey, Helen Paul, Joan Jenkinson, Fil Fraser, Patricia and Moses Mawa, Alice Shih, and Ana Serrano.
The 2015 Visionary Award Recipient is Raja Khanna.
The ReelWorld Trailblazer Awards, created in 2002, recognize the accomplishments of racially diverse Canadian entertainment industry professionals whose work has broadened our horizons. Over the past years, ReelWorld has honoured some of Canada’s brightest talent for their ability to bring us innovative stories, and to forge a bright future for the Canadian entertainment industry.
2015 Trailblazers:
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