Levetto-Fri.,Feb.27th,2015@940 College St.West

The new Levetto located at 940 College St. West in Toronto welcomed the media to their grand opening on Friday. We were greeted and served delicious food all night compliments of Executive Chef Shahir Massoud. Levetto professes to be “the first & foremost makers of authentic Roman cuisine at a fast-food price.” Chef Shahir Massoud (ex-Cinq 01, Teatro)served pizzas ($7 to $26) and rigatoni with beef ragu ($13)Wholesome scratch-made pasta, a unique pizza with romana dough and classic Italian salads were the food served to the media for this special invite event. The pizza crust was like “Floating On Air” it was light, airy and nothing like the commercial crust that are out there by the “Cardboard Kings of Pizza Crust.”
Levetto served delicious food, had a cool environment & friendly staff! There are multiple locations that serve fast, fresh, and food made from “scratch” which makes them so different. We look forward to the newest locations opening up soon.
Here are the different locations that Levetto has:
9001 Dufferin Street
(905) 553-6400
105 Oak Park Drive
(519) 884-5555
18 Snyder’s Road West
(519) 214-0551
Liberty Village
68 Sudbury Street
(647) 350-3933
Coming Soon!