Happy Birthday Toronto 181st”Past,Present and Future”Art-Wed.,March 4th,2015@Steamwhistle Roundhouse

Toronto is turning 181 years and on March 4th Steamwhistle celebrated A Happy Birthday party Toronto, opening reception and special art exhibit of “Toronto: Past, Present, Future”, presented at the Steam Whistle Gallery this month.
“Toronto: Past, Present, Future” is a mixture of artwork across all mediums from Toronto-based artists who explore the nightlife, urban scenery and historical landscapes of Ontario’s capital. The Steam Whistle Gallery was transformed, lending a view into Toronto’s past, with its diverse and multifaceted future. Steam Whistle’s historical venue and sustainable initiatives – including the use of 100% renewable Bullfrog Power and Deep Lake Water Cooling and District Steam heating for the building’s climate control among other initiatives- provides a complimentary backdrop for the event.
The artwork really celebrates Toronto’s past, as it reflects on Toronto’s roots and how far we’ve come in these short 181 years.
The Length of exhibit runs from March 4th to 29th (during Brewery’s regular opening hours)
Event listing: http://steamwhistle.ca/events/eventdetail.php?id=1676#sthash.8L1OoqGq.dpuf
Feature artists:
• Jazz Brar
• Jonathan Calleri
• Amanda Capisciolti,
• Jacqueline Comrie
• Alden Cudanin
• Micayla Doria
• Blake Horsley
• Andre Kan
• Summer Leigh
• Amy Shackleton
• Michael Sparaco
• Jamie Thompson
The celebration continues on Friday, March 6th 2015 with Happy Birthday Toronto’s “Toronto’s 181st Anniversary” party hosted at Steam Whistle Brewing. For more information, or to attend this event, please visit http://www.happybirthdaytoronto.com/
About Happy Birthday Toronto:
Happy Birthday Toronto collaborates with local artists, entertainers and businesses in celebrating Toronto’s “Past, Present, and Future” while highlighting its accomplishments and diversity. The goal is to bring the city together in the pride of their home. Throughout the year, Happy Birthday Toronto is dedicated to the development of sustainable projects across the city, supporting and promoting innovation for Toronto’s future.