Kodo One Earth Tour+Nagata Shachy-Thurs.,March 12th,2015@Sony Centre

“Kodo One Earth Tour:- Mystery,”is the latest production from the Japanese Taiko Drummers, the profound world of “Mystery.”the second work directed by artistic director Tamasaburo Bando,  with a tour around the USA and Canada from January through March 2015 arrived at The Sony Centre on Thursday. No pictures were allowed during the performance until the lights came up at the end of the concert. The show featured wondrous and sacred “mystery” that lied deep within Japanese folk arts that thrilled audiences throughout North America during this tour. This time this piece of art has the idea that theatre-goers would experience the mood of mystery that they meet at a temple or a shrine, or when you go into the forest – places that are removed from daily life. A feeling that emerges from deep darkness. At the end of the show, people left with a sense of being wowed from the 2 hours of drumming, theatre and humor. Amidst reverberations like rumbles in the earth large serpents coil, demons and lions move wildly on stage. They surface from the gloomy dark, eerie at times, and in some respects, even nostalgic. The dragon theme is showcased throughout the concert. This work fuses Kodo’s real worth, the dynamism of Taiko expression, with the wondrous beauty and true charm that lie within rituals expressing the worship of myriad gods and reverence for nature that have been traditions in Japan since ancient times. This performance took you on a voyage to the extraordinary, to a mysterious realm that lies in the beyond. Opening up for The Kodo Demon Drummers were local musicians Nagata Shachy which performed downstairs at Sony Centre. It was a “Meet and Greet” with the artist who explained the history of Taiko Drumming and showing basic drills, techniques and traditional songs for Taiko Drumming.