It’s March 23, 2015 and I’m heading over to King West.

Bacardi is having their Legacy Competition!

The Location…’s a big secret!


As we gather at the office of Faulhaber Communications, Kevin Pacheco (Account Representative) diligently checks off all the names as the VIPs begin rolling in.

As I peer outside, a white stretch limo appears in front….each passenger window is blocked, cutting off all outside visibility as we slide in. There’s quite a buzz in the air as we all start speculating on our final destination. The car turns left then right turns, and many stops as the limo pulls through Toronto rush hour traffic. About 45 min later….we arrive. The limo door opens and the outside light appears.

Where are we you ask….its Casa Loma — Toronto’s Majestic Castle!


We step outside and ushered into the stable area where we are then led into a tunnel. It’s beautifully decorated with coloured lights… we are anticipating what will be shown at the end of the tunnel. We emerge into a room full of guests, music coursing through the great hall, drinks and finger foods at our disposal.

I get a feeling it’s going to be an amazing night!

Approximately, 9:30pm the crowd (after a few drinks) is ushered into another large room where the main event is to begin.


A little history about the event…The Legacy cocktail competition is represented by nearly 40 countries competing to produce the next Bacardi Legacy Cocktail:

“The global winner will receive year-long support to further his/her career as a bartender by creating experiences tailored to meet his/her goals. For one year, the global winning cocktail will be served by the winning bartender at some of the finest bars in the world.”

As the competition continues, I’m amazed how all the various drinks are full of colour, shapes, and personal passion. As I sip a few of the drinks, my taste buds are enjoying a wide range of flavour profiles! Completely enjoying my night!

As the completion ends, Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition was proud to announce Mike Shum from Vancouver — his cocktail “The Chan Chan”. His next step will be to represent Canada in the Global Legacy Competition in Sydney, Australia —  we wish him best of luck!

We would like to thank Patricia and her team from Faulhaber Communications for inviting us to be part of this incredible event!

We wish Mike Shum all the best on May 5th in Sydney, Australia with the next leg of the competition.