Furious 7 Movie Premiere

By Derek Lang

Furious 7 (2015)
Director: James Wan
While I was impressed that the story made sense, there were no glaring plot holes, and considering Paul Walker passed away during the filming of it that seems like a large feat to accomplish.
That said, my friend Alfred said “it’s like a messy ball of yarn.” I have to agree, the script isn’t as tight as FF6. It’s still fun and full of action (a whole lot of action) but yeah, something is missing.
The Paul Walker tribute is a nice touch and also the Sarah Jones logo (Safety for Sarah) at the end of the film credits. If Paul Walker hadn’t died, Sarah wouldn’t have had to go on to Midnight Rider for work and wouldn’t have died getting crushed by a train. Sorry if this sounds morbid. Just something I noticed.