Sixx A.M.-Thurs.,April 23rd,2015@The Phoenix Theatre

Photography by Scott Hughes

Sixx A.M. played the intimate Phoenix Theatre on Thursday. Los Angeles-based hard rock band Sixx:AM, features: James Michael (acclaimed producer and vocalist), Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe, bass) and DJ Ashba (Guns n’ Roses/Beautiful Creatures, guitar)They have embarked on their first-ever headline tour with a packed house at their sold out first show at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. They released their third album:Modern Vintage in the fall 2014 and performed to a sold out crowd at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto
Tremendously excited fans have showed support to this tour and to kick it off with a sold out show in San Francisco really made it a truly fantastic and memorable tour start for the band.
Sixx:A.M. will continue their MODERN VINTAGE TOUR playing a limited number of dates all across North America throughout the end of April, several nights of which are already sold out. While on the road, the band is also already in the process of writing music for their upcoming fourth full length album which is set to release in 2016.
The band is known as strong advocates of new music, Sixx:A.M. consciously assembled a global lineup for the current tour by bringing along special guests Apocalyptica from Finland and Vamps from Japan to introduce their fans to some of the most exciting new rock music from around the world.
They think globally as a band and can’t wait to play music live all over the world next year so it only made sense to invite some of the best international rock bands out there to join them on our first headline tour.
To round out their live lineup, SIXX:A.M. have added drummer, Dustin Steinke of Bleeker Ridge into the mix for the tour, as well as backup singers Melissa Harding & Amber VanBuskirk.
On the MODERN VINTAGE album, “Stars” is already a hit single, “Life Is Beautiful” and “This Is Gonna Hurt” were also performed during the show. A big surprise was the cover of The Cars’ ballad “Drive”. Also a big surprise was no Motley Crue songs. But then again their”final,final final tour” will bring them back to Toronto in August at the A.C.C. Overall with 3 albums there’s only so much the band could perform but the band will evolve and grow as time passes. It’ll be interested to see if D.J. Ashba will focus on Sixx A.M. now that Guns and Roses is on hiatus. I believe the next tour will take them to a larger venue as the next big”edgy Rockband.” Will we finally see Motley Crue be put to rest? Only time will tell. @SixxAM