Upcoming: NEXT MUSIC FROM TOKYO VOL 7 (June 12/13 2015)


NEXT MUSIC FROM TOKYO VOL 7 happens June 12+13 in Toronto, along with shows in Montreal and Vancouver. Read our coverage from last year, HERE…

If you went last year, you will know that it always sells out ($10 Advance, $15 at Door) — plus the bands Steve (organizer) picks are always “kick-ass”!

Keep in mind:

This is a D.I.Y tour run by one person who is doing it strictly out of charity and a hobby. He donates a massive amount of money to cover the travel costs and hotel accomodations for the bands. Airfare alone costs more than $35,000. On top of paying for the tour, he has to design posters, write press releases, contact media, do interviews, secure instruments/backline, book venues, and go through the painful ordeal of obtaining work permits for the bands. Then on the tour, he must be the host, emcee, DJ, translator, roadie, and occasionally the doorperson. This poor guy is about to have a nervous breakdown!!!! If you can make this dude’s life a little easier by helping to spread word about the tour, then please do. That’s all he asks.

 For NMFT information, visit HERE…

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