TD TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL 2015: Tower Of Power @ Nathan Phillips Square | Toronto Star Stage (June 20, 2015)

Tower of Power has been blending their own kind of soul,funk and R+B music For over 40 years, Since 1968, Tower of Power has delivered their unique brand of music to their fans, as they tour the world each year. Their high-energy funk, soul and R&B recordings are legendary and so was the concert for The Toronto Jazz Festival 2015. The standards such as “You’re Still A Young Man”  and “So Very Hard To Go’ had the fans on their feet.

“Hipper Than Hip” is their newest offering to their fans. It’s their 1974 Live recording at a radio station which set them up for a 40+ year career in the music buiness. Tower’s rhythm section groove is like no other band. The band’s horn driven sound is unique, and the way they approach everything, from writing and arranging to mixing and performing, is totally their own. Combine all of that with an outstanding lead vocalist and you have one of the most dynamic groups of musicians to ever hit the stage. After the set ended the band did an amazing “Meet And Greet” with the fans which was not a “Cattle Call” version. They stayed and took pictures which each and every fan who wanted to chat them up. Now we know why the fans love T.O.P.
Emilio Castilio – Sax
Ray Greene – Lead Vocal
Tom Politzer – Sax
Doc Kupka – Sax
Sal Cracciola – Trumpet
Adolfo Acosta – Trumpet
Herman Matthews – Drums
Rocco Prestia – Bass
Jerry Cortez E. – Guitar
Roger Smith – Keyboards

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