Heart-Thurs.,June 25th,2015@Fallsview Avalon Ballroom

Heart is the famous rock band that was formed in the early 1970s and went through multiple incarnation of the group. Ann and Nancy Wilson are the only two members of the band who has been consistently in the group. The sisters are the only two longest lasting members of the band who continue to perform as part of the group called Heart. Right from the beginning in the 1970s, they have rocked their way right into the next millennium with a roar! The multitalented sisters have continued making music for so many years, gathering fans wherever they go for their live shows.

This show at The Fallsview Avalon Ballroom was no exception. The rocker girls from Seattle are known to jam as hard as anyone can imagine and that is exactly what puts such energy in their live shows. They also have some of the most recognizable Rock Ballads that you can hear in the elevator, radio and on commercials. Their band, Heart, has produced several mighty popular albums year after year but they still remain great to watch live. And that is exactly why almost thirty years after the band was formed, they have not lost their charm for their fans! They did their usual staple of hits such as Crazy On You, Magic Man and Barracuda. But surprising the audience with songs such as Bebe Le Strange, There Is The Girl(with Nancy on lead vocals), Day Of The Eagle and The Witch. The encore was their tribute to the legendary Led Zeppelin: The Immigrant Song, No Quarter and Misty Mountain Hop. Ann Wilson’s voice was in fine form tonight and their homage to Robert Plant was pure ecstasy for the fans as this Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame band left the fans wanting more!


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