CARIBANA 2015: KING AND QUEEN COMPETITION & SHOW @ Lamport Stadium (July 30, 2015)

The Glitz, Glam and Gold — the making of the Caribbean Carnival’s King and Queen Competition

The Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival’s King and Queen competition, dubbed the Most Spectacular Show under the Stars in North America. The King and Queen show has traditionally kicked off the Toronto Caribbean Carnival weekend every year since the beginning.

The leaders of Caribana Mas bands will put on their showcase costumes and perform for the Parade judges and in front of an enthusiastic & appreciative crowd.

Male and female competitors are judged on the details of costumes, how that costume represents the theme and the mas bands.


The  King and Queen Showcase also features a special prize by the Ontario Science Centre for the most impressive  engineering, construction, design and best environmental use of costume material.

Both winners came from Toronto-based mas band Carnival Nationz.

The King: Pan on Broadway, Designer is the king himself Shane Reid Mungal, he also won the Ontario science centre award,  Theme is On Broadway, the inspiration for the costume is a steel pan drummer, cost about $16,000, including labour, size 30 ft. tall, 38 ft. wide, weighing in about 400 pounds.


The Queen: The Magnificent Pipe Organ Queen: Joella Crichton Designer: Kenney Coombs Theme: On Broadway cost about $12,000, including labour, size is  25 feet tall, 35-40 feet wide, weight: 200 pounds.

Some of the other bands that have competitors in the competition are Toronto Revellers (the leader is no other than former NBA Raptors Jamaal Magloire), Louis Saldenah Mas-K club the leader Louis Saldenah and Tribal Carnival led by leader Dexter Seusahal.

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