Lenny Kravitz@Molson Amphthitheatre(Wed.,Aug.26,2015)

“Let Love Rule” was the rule of the night on a cold summer night by the lakefront for Lenny Kravitz at The Molson Amphitheatre. It has been a long wait for fans as Kravitz hasn’t played in Toronto since 2008.

It would have been great to hear other songs in his set like: Cab Driver, Can’t Get You Off My Mind and Bring It On! A more interactive concert as Kravitz was in the mood to mingle, take selfies and sign autographs. Obviously the fans loved the “Fan Friendly” meet and greet.

The set comprised of just 9 songs and an encore. There were alot of long drawn out extended versions of his famous hits. Some going as ten to fifteen minutes. The fans didn’t seem to mind as Kravitz worked the stage from left to right and all fans had a great view of him working the crowd into a frenzy. Oh and this time there was no wardrobe malfunction to the disappointment of the ladies in the crowd
American Woman
(The Guess Who cover)
It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
Dancin’ Til Dawn
Always on the Run
I Belong to You
Let Love Rule
(Lenny walked through the… more )
Fly Away
Are You Gonna Go My Way
(with a few fans from the audience pulled on stage)

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