Motley Crue+Alice Cooper-All Bad Things Must Come To An End@A.C.C.(Sat.,Aug.22nd,2015)

School was really out for Alice Cooper and the band during their stop over in Toronto for the double head liner tour with Motley Crue. An outdoor venue would have been more appropriate for this concert during the warm month of August.

Alice Cooper led by Vincent Damon Furnier. Under his direction, Alice Cooper pioneered a  theatrical and violent brand of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal that was designed to shock. Drawing equally from horror movies, vaudeville, heavy metal, and garage rock, the group created a stage show that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood, and huge boa constrictors, all coordinated by the heavily made-up Furnier. The media let it out of the bag with Cooper using the guillotine on all four members of Motley Crue. Well the decapitation never happened.I guess they had a change of heart for that stunt!

There was great anticipation for Motley Crue’s final world tour as the band got onto the stage with Girls,Girls,Girls rolling right on time to the background music of So Long, Farewell (Rogers & Hammerstein song), and continued on with fan favourites such as Wild Side,Primal Scream and Looks That Kill
Each member of the band had their shining moment. Mick Mars delivered with a loud guitar solo, while Tommy Lee performed his upside down drum solo via his Roller Coaster setup, installed from the last few tours, where he pounded the skins to capacity. Nikki Sixx held the attention of the crowd, retelling how it all began in 1981 with the four of them meeting in L.A. And with a propane tank attached to his bass guitar, the audience was treated to a pyrotechnic marvel of stage fireworks. Vince supercharged the stage with his volcanic energy, running from side to side and giving the crowd his frontman showmanship!

Motley Crue’s show reached its nerve shattering climax with All Bad Things Must Come to an End, resonating with a series of explosive smoke, light bombs, confetti, and flames shooting up into the sky!

The band left the stage ending the regular portion of the show, but fans weren’t disappointed as they reappeared for an encore. They returned on a raised platform in the center of the A.C.C., performing the great tune, Home Sweet Home, with Tommy Lee playing the piano surrounded by the rest of the band. The platform descended to the ground and the band departed.
Will this really be the final tour? We would like to think it will be as each member has their own separate side projects and ongoing solo careers. We’ll have to wait and see. Tommy Lee will be DJ’ing with DJ Aero and doing Methods of Mayhem, Nikki with his band Sixx A.M., as well as pursuing photography and his radio show. Vince’s Country album is out, his tattoo parlor, and his other side projects. With Mick’s health issues, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next for him. It was an “explosive” show and it went out with a total “Bang”. The”Crue” lived the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle! But as they mentioned “All Bad Things Must Come To An End”!
So Long, Farewell
(Rodgers & Hammerstein song)


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