Paul Rodgers@Fallsview’s Avalon Ballroom Theatre(Sat.,Aug.29th,2015)

Paul Rodgers’ fans always want to hear his musical catalog and he delivered during his concert in Niagara Falls. A resume that includes a stint with Queen, founding member of Free, Bad Company, The Law and The Firm. Paul Rodgers, a musical innovator who has successfully reinvented himself over the course of a five-decade career. A powerhouse blues vocalist, hit songwriter and a frontman/showman helped redefine rock ‘n’ roll in the process.

The Royal Sessions is his most recent release, which is a throwback of old-school blues\recording that finds Rodgers belting out tunes of the deep South soul and R&B tunes of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Blues legends such as Albert King, Muddy Waters, Dionne Warwick, Issac Hayes and Otis Redding.

The concert started with Wishing Well and it hit it’s stride when Rodgers did an amazing version of Albert King’s “Born Under A Bad Side” He didn’t miss a note and it sounds like Rodgers’ voice hasn’t deteriorated after years of singing. Another highlight was doing The Firm’s “Radio Active” It was great to hear Rodgers tell a story of Jimmy Page when they were in The Firm. The encore was a fans delight as the crowd were on their feet for “Bad Company” and the finale was Free-“Alright Now” One thing you can say about Paul Rodgers is: “He’s Fan Friendly” He mingled with the crowd, shook hands, signed autographs and gave high fives to the fans. It was great to see a musician still passionate about his craft and love his fans. Hopefully Bad Company will tour again with Paul Rodgers and if possible maybe reunite with Jimmy Page for The Firm.


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