The Deluxe Event@Soho Boutique Hotel+The Technicolor Event@Thompson Hotel(Sat.,Sept.12th,2015)

It was a semi early wake up call after a hectic Saturday night for Tiff. We ventured to the Soho Boutique Hotel close to The Rogers Centre for the Deluxe Event. We were greeted by two young ladies who checked us in and distributed red rubber wrist bands for us to go up the elevator to the event. Once there we were escorted to a tent area where we were welcomed with wine and champagne. Once inside patrons were treated to alcoholic Milk Shakes, Wahlberg Burgers, and amazing desserts. A photo booth was located in the corner to amuse of the people there. We chatted with some of the industry people there who we bumped into since “Pre TIFF” on Wednesday. It was 6pm and the event was about to end so we departed to the next event.

Next stop was the Thompson Hotel which was a”Hop,Skip and a Jump” away from our last event. We encountered a huge line up outside and it didn’t help that it was raining outside. Luckily the line up moved quickly and we were brought up to the patio floor. We were greeted with a backdrop celebrating Technicolor 100th anniversary and a friendly professional photographer who took our pictures on the Red Carpet. Since the top floor was very tight and crowded we moved to the patio area to view the skyline of beautiful Toronto. Once again we bumped into the industry people from the last event. We spoke to a producer from Russia who was in the market to finance her latest project. We stayed for the duration of the event and called it a night for TIFF Saturday night.