THE GENTLEMEN’S EXPO @MTCC (Sep 25-27, 2015)

With over 100,000 square feet of the “best brands and experiences” to be assembled, The Gentlemen’s Expo was well attended by any who were interested in fashion, technology, music, sports, cars, alcohol, grooming, food, entrepreneurship, gaming, to DIY.

Some notables include “grooming authority” SLICK LORD, craft brewery Double Trouble Brewery, beard grooming products Beards and Beavers, innovative men’s accessories Baffi, and custom jewellers The Den Toronto.

Launched in Toronto, SLICK LORD was conceptualized with the dream of helping gentlemen all over the world to achieve ultimate timeless style. We know your ongoing appearance is a direct reflection of our products, and perhaps genetics as well, but that part is out of our hands:

Our debut product is the Slick Lord Foldable Comb; finely crafted with a pocket clip to create a show stopping, trendsetting pop to your outfit. Your Slick Lord Foldable Comb fits perfectly into any pocket. These combs are finely crafted, polished and buffed so you can rest assured that not only will you look dapper, but the fine teeth of your comb will not damage your hair or scalp. Used on any hair type, length or style. Stop using your mother’s beat up brush or borrowing your sister’s travel sized comb for those nights out and use a Slick Lord Comb. You will definitely be noticed (in a good way) rocking the Slick Lord Comb. 

Double Trouble Brewery, an independent company, run solely by two friends taking a chance on doing what they love:

Claude and Nathan met at Trent University, ended working for the same small craft brewery together almost 15 years ago. From there both Nathan and Claude have worked in the craft brew industry. They’ve always joked and talked about having their own beer. Something that they could believe in, a sessionable, flavour packed beer that would not only inspire, but also wake the senses of the beer drinker. A complex but fun beer. No compromises, adhering to the purist quality in brewing. This idea has been discussed over and over, always in the back of their minds. Sometimes the timing just wasn’t right, but in 2012 all their bottles have aligned.

From being in the beer industry so many years, we decided to plan, we wanted to bring a small batch brewed craft beer that we would love, and one the average Canadian beer consumer would too.

We contacted an old friend and craft brewer with our thoughts. We talked obsessivly about the beer we needed to create. From the passion came the experiments, the tastings and the refinements, until we had something that we knew was special.

No investors, just what we managed to scrape together and fueled by a passion for craft beer. Taking a chance to do what you love and believe in is what Double trouble Brewing Co. is all about. This is how everything good starts. The first step is the biggest. We are not out to make a fortune, but to have people enjoy a delicious beer that tastes like love when it flows down your gullet.

Beards and Beavers Beard Oils are an exclusive blend of high quality natural carrier and essential oils:

We offer three original, very different scents that have been thoroughly created by us from start to finish. We spent hours researching and sourcing the best base and essential oils that would provide the most magnificent skin and facial hair benefits. Our choice of essential oils not only make beards soft and subtle they make any beard smell oh so, heavenly (woman tested, man approved!). Let’s just say they made our hearts beat and our eyes widen with excitement. We also produce a non fragranced version called, ‘Buck Naked’, which is the same blend of carrier oils with the addition of extra Vitamin E. 

Baffi is the stylish solution for men who forage fashion:

Hand-crafted in Canada using only top quality materials sourced from Mother Earth, the patent pending wooden pocket squares are the next generation in desirable accoutrements: lightweight, functional, sophisticated and raw.Shortly after the pocket squares, the wooden lapel pins and tie clips launched and have been quite popular so far. Look for more stylish & functional wooden accessories coming soon. They pride themelves in unique and carefully curated looks that are as comfortable coordinated for the office as they are for a night out on the town. 


This event was one to discover new products and reconnect with ones from the past that have reinvented themselves in new and appealing ways.   It was definitely worth the time for men and women since we guarantee that you would walk away with at least one product that peaked your interest as well as great gift ideas for the men in your life.

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