My Salon on Richmond Grand Opening (Thurs.,Oct.22nd,2015)

It was the grand opening of My Salon on Richmond on Thursday night. The My Salon team consists of:Colin McEwen Owner/Stylist, Kristin Ridding Spa Team Lead and Caroline Coloma-Mendoza Stylist Colin McEwen said”It was the right time to open up this business. Maybe six months ago it wasn’t but the timing was right.” His team of professionals is there to help bring out the best in you. They carry the exclusive line of UNITE hair products. And their motto is”My Salon, Your Style ,Their Envy” Here to make you be relaxed, be pampered and prepared to be envied by others after a session at My Salon.

My Salon is a nice shop situated right in the heart of downtown Toronto. A well lit medium-sized building which will cater to the high volume of future clients that will be serviced by My Salon.

The menu of services included: Hair Essentials, Blowdry Packages, Colour Essentials, Spa Essentials and Waxing. The contacts are: 416-573-6193, , and the location is 474 Richmond St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R2.
We like to thank Amira de Vera of Pennant media group for the invite and the hospitality.