Jenice J. Heo@Andrew Richards -Neil Young Series-Opening Night@Struck Contemporary(Turs.,Nov.5th,2015)

It was the grand opening of the Jenice J. Heo “Neil Young Series of art. This was part two of the “Struck Contemporary”series that showcased some amazing art such as Andy Warhol’s original artwork.
The invited guest were treated to great hospitality which included:delicious appetizers, creative desserts and an open bar.

Two art work that really stood out were the 3D American Flag which was the most expensive art work on display at the gallery. The price of the paintings ranged from $750 to $32,500. Two Original paintings were not for sale: Where Is The Highway Tonight and Neil Letters, both were original paintings in the Neil Young series.

Jenice Heo is a Los Angeles-based artist who assembled the paintings and are inspired by the music of Neil Young. In addition to her fine art practice, Heo is also a Grammy award-winning art director. Heo has steadily developed as a fine art painter, while working as an album cover artist for prominent artists in rock and roll music today. Some of the artist include: Neil Young,Conor Oberst(Bright Eyes),Jim James(My Morning Jacket),Beck, Devendra Banhart and the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.
We would like to thank Paris from Taro P.R. for the invitation to the Jenice J.Heo art event.