27th Annual 12 Trees Of Christmas Preview-The Joy Of Creativity@Gardiner Museum(Thurs.,Nov.12th,2015)

A special guided tour took place at the Gardiner Museum for the annual 12 Trees event. Dee Dee Eustace is the curator of this year’s 12 Trees, with the support of 12 Tree artist and designers to create this year’s edition called”The Joy Of Creativity.” This explores the possibilities of what a Christmas tree can be within an individual’s discipline.

Other 12 Trees events:Give The Gift Of Creativity Decorate Our Outdoor Tree- Nov.12th-Jan.3rd.
Spreading The Joy Of Creativity Retail Campaign-Nov.12th-Nov.27th
12 Trees G Party Gala-Dec.1st
12 Trees Market & Gardiner Friends Day-Dec.4th
12 Trees Family Day-Dec.6th
For more information on activities: http://www.gardiner12trees.com

We would like to thank Rachel Weiner Communications and Volunteer Coordinator of the Gardiner Museum for the invitation for this event.