November 29


Agency Wars VI@Muzik(Wed.,Nov.25th,2015)

By Nicholas Chan

The headlines read:24 AGENCY BOXERS, 12 FIGHTS, ONE NIGHT OF GLORY and ALL FOR CHARITY!!! AGENCY WARS VI – November 25th, 2015! at Muzik
the card2
Agency Wars is a corporate charity boxing event that recruits the best and bravest men and women from the Toronto media & advertising industry… to step into the ring for charity. If you are chosen and are willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, they provide the best training, coaching, nutritional advice and a 12-week fast track program. This event transforms the agency player to pugilist! ala Mayweather? Pacquiao?

Tyrone Edwards
As a host on E! and Much, Tyrone brings his unique personality, knowledge pop culture, and fluid MC abilities to viewers across the country.

We like to thank the following people for the invite and hospitality:
Waleed Hafeez
Digital Communications Coordinator
Lowell Hall
Managing Director