UPCOMING: SIMScomm + War Child Canada: #SIMSfriendsGIVE (Friday, January 22, 2016)

There is a “little artist” in all of us that loves to draw…

That little spark of creativity is the theme for #SIMSfriendsGIVE — in conjunction with SIMScomm and War Child Canada featuring an unreleased story by  PE Zimmerman “The Little Artist”.
Along with artist/illustrator Mml Paintings, “The Little Artist” tells the simple tale of a little boy who wants nothing more than to draw, and perhaps one day be an artist himself. Setting out on a journey of self-discovery, he ultimately learns the valuable lesson of staying true to one’s self.
With a private reading by (author) PE Zimmerman along with the official unveiling of the complete collection of one-of-a-kind illustrations by Mml Paintings.
The expertly curated event will be host to a contingent of art lovers, media personalities and produce special memorable highlight moments to begin the new year that will spark the “little Artist” in you.
On a personal note, coincidentally, organizer (and SIMScomm Agency Principal) Kalvin Sims will be turning a youthful (and effervescent) 33 years old — we look forward to covering this event and celebrating the contributions of Kalvin Sims at #SIMSfriendsGIVE.
This is a private event – should you find this event of interest, please email the SIMScomm team: info@simscomm.ca
A Message From War Child:
Childhood is a pivotal time in our lives. But it is also fragile, and can be easily corrupted by the effects of war. By providing access to education, opportunity and justice, War Child gives children in war-affected communities the chance to reclaim their childhood and break the cycle of poverty and violence. The story of The Little Artist is one of a creative, resilient child who navigates the pressures of ‘adult’ environments. He unwaveringly commits to curiosity, which is an important part of every childhood for every kid around the world. But where there is war childhood is threatened, which is why all proceeds from The Little Artist are donated to War Child. These funds ensure that children facing war are protected—their childhood restored—so that they can be the creators (and protectors) of a new era of peace.
Aaron Sanderson
Director of Development WAR CHILD CANADA


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