UPCOMING FEB 6, 2016: Clothes Exchange @Oasis Convention Centre (Mississauga)

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People deserve and can have an equal opportunity in life to belong to society, to have a sense of fairness and confidence when standing for themselves and trying to better their lives.

Some people do not have and cannot afford the proper attire to present themselves professionally at an interview; therefore, not having the opportunity to get the jobs they want and desperately need. Dressing the part for the jobs they do have is just as difficult for many.

The predictable future, therefore, is that some people may give up on their dreams and may feel as though they don’t belong, when they DO! They may feel like they are not good enough, when in fact they ARE!

TOGETHER, we are creating the possibility for people to have an equal opportunity, to feel like a part of the community, to change their lives, to change the lives of others and to be their best selves.

Please support us in helping these people who DO want to change their lives by donating business attire or by joining us on February 6 for dinner and a wonderful night of fun!

Visit Clothes Exchange’s Facebook Event Page for information HERE…

Or email direct to: Soaresc99@gmail.com

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