Cookina Luncheon@Nella Cucina(Mon.,Feb.29th,2016)

Cookina a leading maker of innovative kitchen products invited us to a unique, hands-on interactive luncheon.
On hand was Dee and her assistance of Dee Gibson Entertains, Culinary&Entertaining expert as she cooked an inspirational menu, shared exciting tips and unveiled COOKINA Parchminum. The demonstration of the product and luncheon lasted an hour as she showed the audience of mostly media personnel the benefits of using the Cookina Parchminum.

Dee prepared steak, shrimps, mushrooms, ginger bread cookies and chocolate chip cookies. What stuck us the most was the ease of cooking the food items and it still retained the texture, taste and moisture of the food item while it cooked in the oven at high temperatures/short duration of time. At the end of the session we were given the product line in a nice gift bag. I look forward to trying the product at home and preparing food the same way they did at this demonstration.

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