Academy Social@99 Sudbury(Thurs.,March 10th,2016)

​Canadian Screen Week celebrations continued with #AcademySocial, an event to honour the impressive achievements made by Canadian innovators in social and digital media.
Hosts, Much Digital Creator Jus Reign and Much and eTalk Daily Correspondent Liz Trinnear host this evening of fun and celebration.

Jus Reign – also known as Jasmeet Singh – Much Digital Creator/YouTube Influencer 690K subscribers on YouTube;  191K followers on Twitter, 365K on Instagram 
eTalk Daily Host, Liz Trinnear – 45.6K followers on Twitter. 39.9K on Instagram.
Cast of SPACE’s “Orphan Black” did a live recording of their popular podcast. Cast walking the carpet included:
Josh Vokey (“Scott”)
Kristian Brunn (“Donnie”)
Kathryn Alexandre (the clone double and scene partner of Tatiana Maslany)
co-hosted by Kaitlyn Alexander (“Carmilla”, “Couple-ish”, “Full Out” and nominated this evening for “Realistically Saying”).
Cast of the YouTube web series sensation, “Carmilla”. Lead actresses Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis , as well as cast members Annie Briggs, Sharon Belle, and Nicole Stamp.

TV Actor (“Mr.D”)  & Game Show Host (“Match Game”, Darrin Rose
Film & TV Actress (“Mr.D”), Naomi Snieckus
Film & TV Actor (“Strange Empire”), Aaron Poole
TV host (Canada’s Smartest People), Jessi Cruickshank
TV host (Chopped Canada), Brad Smith
YouTube Canadian Personalities,
Matthew Santoro
Corey Vidal
“Gunnarola” Andrew Gunadie
Rachel David
Andrew Huang

The evening brought together these rising social media and digital creators who are establishing Canada’s digital community, which is doubling in fan base and popularity daily.
Voice Pioneer
Megan Mackay – 6K Twitter followers
Casie Stewart – 23.8K Twitter followers
Zach Bussey – 9K Twitter followers
Breath of Voice
Jus Reign – 191K Twitter followers
Carmilla Series – 45K Twitter followers
Devante Burey – 38.4K Twitter followers
Clean My Space, YouTube channel – 5K Twitter followers
Michael Rizzi – 16.9 Twitter followers
A Skylit Avenue – YouTube channel – 11.2K Twitter followers
Tastemaker Influencer
To Vogue or Bust – YouTube channel – 6K Twitter followers
Garrett Tonge – 10.3 Twitter followers
Tasha LeeLyn – 3.5K Twitter followers
Andrew Huang – 12K Twitter followers
Davison Video – 7K Twitter followers
Realistically Saying – 33.5K Twitter followers


Winners – left to right across picture….
Kaitlyn Alexander “Realistically Saying” – Finalist in “Innovator” category
Actress / Youtuber 32K Followers
Twitter Handle @realisticsay – 33k followers
*Please note, Kaitlyn Alexander identifies as non-binary and should be referred to as ‘they/them’ not he/she

Casie Stewart – Vlogger – Finalist in “Voice Pioneer” category
Twitter Handle @casiestewart – 23.8k followers

Jus Reign (Jasmeet Singh) – Co host – Finalist in “Breadth Of Voice” category
Much Digital Creator / Youtuber 690k Followers
Jus’s pop-culture parodies and comedic deadpan has earned him more then 600,000 Youtube subscribers, over 1 million followers on Vine, and one of the largest followings on Snapchat within Canada. With a combined channel view total surpassing 85 million.
Twitter Handle @JusReign – 191k followers

4th award wasn’t picked up not by the person named in the Press Release. In the release it is Melissa Maker.
“Clean My Space” – Finalist in “Edu-Creator” category
Twitter Handle @cleanmyspace – 5k followers

We would like to thank Charlene Coy of C2C Communications for the invitation and the hospitality at this event.

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