Made With Love@Liberty Grand(Mon.,April 11th,2016)

This was the line up awaiting Toronto’s biggest cocktail competition in April at the Liberty Grand. Here’s the best local barchefs in action, eager to impress  guests with their exquisite crafted creations!
A special mention to the 21 of them who made it to the next round, the main competition was April 4th!The annual Made With Love competition toppled last year’s showcase and here were the Toronto finalist:
1 Aaron Male – Miss Thing’s
2 Jamison Cass – College Street Bar
3 Josh Prout – The County General
4 Matteo Gorla – Barchef
5 Tyler Newsome – Soho House Toronto
6 Matthieu Rajchman – East Thirty-Six
7 Nick Incretolli – The Tavern on George
8 Tyler Della-Nebbia – Lake Road
9 Alex Pearce – The Drake Hotel
10 Sam Dobie – The Gaslight
11 Ian Moores – Mascot Brewery
12 Michele Maffei – Balsamico
13 Brooke Banning – Freelance Bartender
14 Will Howden – Freelance Bartender
15 Greg White – El Catrin
16 André Aitchison – E11even
17 Danielle Yoon – Annette Food Market
18 Jordan Policicchio – SPiN Toronto
19 Chris Flink – Cafe Belong and Belong Catering at Evergreen Brick Works
20 Parham Rahimi – Cluny Bistro
21 Albert Chan – Byblos

Judge’s Choice:
1. Matteo Gorla – Barchef with Campari
2. Parham Rahimi – Cluny Bistro with Disaronno
3. Danielle Yoon – Annette Food Market with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
Public’s Choice:
1. Danielle Yoon – Annette Food Market
2. Matthew Rajchman – East Thirty-Six with Wild Turkey Canada
3. André Aitchison – E11even with Disaronno!
Thanks to all the competitors! The competition woudn’t be the same without the passion and creativity! You raised the event to another level for 2016 and congratulations to Matteo Gorla of Barchef for winning the Judge’s Choice Award and Danielle Yoon of Annette Food Market for the Public’s Choice Award!


We would like to thank Johanna Raynaud of Enjoy Made With Love for the invitation.

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