Operation Mindcrime@The Rockpile(Sat.,April 09th,2016)

Since the early 80’s, Geoff Tate has been synonymous as the voice and front man for the progressive Seattle Rock Band Queensryche . Unfortunate circumstances has forced two versions of the band for the last few years. One version carrying on without original singer Geoff Tate and this version called Operation Mindcrime featuring the legendary front man.

The beauty of his vocal skills were displayed in the intimate setting of The Rockpile in Toronto. The local bar was filled to capacity with devoted Geoff Tate and Queensryche fans. It was quite a catalog of songs to choose for the Toronto performance and Operation Mindcrime did not disappoint the capacity crowd on a Saturday night. The song selection included tunes from “Empire”,”Operation Mindcrime” and “Real World” Progressive Rock is alive and well and Geoff Tate’s voice is right up there with the likes of Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and his late friend Ronnie James Dio. We look forward to venturing on one of the “Prog. Cruises” in the summertime and enjoy the lineup which will include Operation Mindcrime. Watching this show reminded me of a hungry Geoff Tate when he first started his career in the 80’s. Hail to Geoff Tate and Operation Mindcrime for an excellent concert at The Rockpile.


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