April 17


FAT-Fashion Art Toronto@Daniel Spectrum(April12th-16th)

Images: Jonathan Hooper & BK on the SCENE

Opening night on Tuesday had the usual glitches with a late start, confusion with security and unfortunately not a full house. Luckily the art and fashion itself outshone these minor glitches and the week seem to evolve into a great event place for everyone. The diversity of the collections themselves really showed in the individuality of all the designers. The combination of film, art, music and the drama provided a perfect mix for every type of art lover. Starting from the exhibits showcased in the Daniels Spectrum space to the art films connected to the runway fashion shows, there was something for everyone.

As FAT celebrates its 11year of pushing forward and redefining our perception of the fashion phenomenon we congratulate them and look forward to the 12th year of this show.

We like to thank Rachel Schwab of Fashion Art Toronto for the invitation to the 11th Annual FAT event.
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