The 2nd Annual Einstein Gala@The Carlu(Sun.,May 15th,2016)

Anderson Cooper hosted a star-studded dinner at The Carlu on Sunday,May 15 and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead provided a thought-provoking discussion followed by an acoustic performance.
The Canadian Einstein Legacy Project, a series of initiatives that honour the greatest minds and innovators around the globe, announced a partnership with Tribal Planet and the Citizen Science platform. Through the power of the Citizen Science platform, this collaboration launched the new home of Finding the Next Einstein, because they believe that the world needs not just one – but millions – of Einsteins.

A panel discussion moderated by Anderson Cooper included: Shuki Levy-Music Composer(Power Ranger Fame), Dr.Naomi Azrieli of The Azrieli Foundation, Dr. Barry Sherman, chairman of Apotex Inc. and Jeff Martin-Founder&CEO of Tribal Planet.
The Einstein Gala – a part of the larger Canadian Einstein Legacy Project. For Albert Einstein, insight did not come from logic or mathematics. Rather, it came from intuition and inspiration like it does for many artists. In fact, Einstein said that the theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition, and that music was the driving force behind that intuition. Linking physics and mathematics to the art of music was critical to Einstein – and to inspire the genius amongst our next Einsteins, Bob Weir will be providing a thought-provoking discussion followed by a performance. The Carlu was full to capacity as Bob Weir gave an inspirational performance and his version of The Beatles “Dear Prudence” had the audience in the rafters and the banquet hall on their feet.
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We like to thank Daniela Syrovy President, Clutch PR for the invitation to this event. We look forward to the 3rd Annual Einstein Gala.

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