Slipknot, Marilyn Manson+ Of Mice & Men@The Air Canada Centre(Tuesday, July 19, 2016)

By BK on the SCENE

Slipknot yearly appearance in Toronto didn’t lessen the quality of their concert or lessen the attendance for the “Maggots”(the name for their dedicated fans)at the ACC during the summer concert season. When they took the stage the crowd went wild, especially the general admission crowd who moshed, danced and slammed danced for almost two hours. They opened with a video and the audio of “Be Prepared For Hell” playing overhead.

Following their song “Skeptic,” written in memory of a band mate Paul Gray who passed away, lead singer Corey Taylor stated their admiration for Gray and making everyone  stand up/scream out loud. Minutes later when the set was over and the lights went down, the song “Hell” by the Tiger Lillies began playing. When the song ended, Slipknot came back on stage and Corey Taylor asked “Do you want to hear more?” They performed “Spit It Out.” Then Corey Taylor, asked “Do you know what time it is,” everybody did; it was time to get down on the ground. At every concert, the band tells the crowd to get down on the ground and at a certain time during the song Taylor would  yell to the crowd to jump up, and every single person jumped  up at that exact time. It was fan participation at it’s finest, especially the general admission crowd who were sweating up a storm from the start to finish of the show.

Whether you see Corey Taylor perform his “Spoken Words”, see Stone Sour or Slipknot, the loyal fan base will be there; whether it be by wearing the band merchandise, being dressed up as the band members, or having tattoos of the band logo,  19,000+ “Maggots” at the ACC was an incredible number for the sold out show in Toronto.
Marilyn Manson was cut short by their opening act slot! The set was abbreviated, the lighting was super dim and the sound wasn’t the best. All the expected songs were covered during the set: Sweet Dreams, The Dope Show and The Beautiful People. Hopefully a headliner spot will be in store for the Goth/Shock Rockstar in the new year!  Possibly a great pairing with Alice Cooper or King Diamond !
Set List For Slipknot:
Intro: Be Prepared for Hell
1-The Negative One
4-Before I Forget
6-Dead Memories
7-The Heretic Anthem
9-Pulse of the Maggots
10-Left Behind
11-The Devin in I
12-Wait and Bleed
16-Spit It Out
17-Til We Die

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