September 04

The 78th Mainstage Revue”COME WHAT MAYHEM!”@The Second City(Thurs.,Aug.31st,2016)

Production Photography By Racheal McCaig
We were looking forward to the new installment of The Second City revue “COME WHAT MAYEHM!” and if you know about the headlines in the media: Hilary, Donald, ISIS, Sexting/Texting etc., then you will find this revue hilarious! As the satirical sketches also pokes fun at multiple topics such as racial profiling, terrorist, misogyny, chubby people and Drug Store cashiers. As director Carly Heffernan says “Come What Mayhem! challenges the world to “Come At Me Bro” she also says “The world outside is stormy with violent attacks, racial intolerance, and Pokemon Go. Come What Mayhem! doesn’t run away from that storm but rather chases it down and gets right in the eye” !
We had a great time and the troupe delivered with a lot of audience participation, attacking all the important social issues and generally making nothing sacred! It’s always a bonus when the troupe does their improv with the audience yelling out topics such as: Bruce Lee, Celine Dion and Butt Holes! Yes Butt Holes and what a skit it was and I suggest everyone stay right to end of the performance as it is always a treat to see the troupe work their improv magic.
We would like to thank Damien Nelson from Flip-Publicity for the invitation to this event.

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