Calii Love launch@367 King St. West(Tues.,Oct.4th,2016)

The moniker on the menu was”Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good”! Yes Well we enjoyed the meal and the smooth “Smoothie”! I chose the “Humble” Signature Poke Bowl. It consisted of tuna, wakame, shoyu sweet onions, wasabi aioli with delicious black rice. And to compliment the meal l chose the “Happy”Superfood Smoothie which was a combination of banana, raw cacao, coconut milk, strawberry, dark chocolate and raw chocolate nibs. The restaurant was filled to capacity but the friendly staff were courteous and filled us in on the background of the brand.
Poke (pronounced “poke-eh”) is the Hawaiian verb for slicing and loosely refers to cut raw fish seasoned with some combination of salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chilies, seaweed and wasabi.
Poke became a popular appetizer in Hawaiian homes, and today varieties of poke can be found pre-mixed at deli counters on the Big Island. Today, poke bars are becoming part of the local health-conscious cuisine.
In Toronto there’s been an emergence of tiki and Polynesian-inspired bars in the last few months. Poke can also be found at non-tiki spots also. A fun launch at Calii Love today and we look forward to returning to try out other delicacies on the menu!

We would like to thank Ranjit Dhatt of The Publicist Group for the invitation to this event.

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