Gentlemen’s Expo@Metro Toronto Convention Centre(Nov.10th,11th&12th,2016)

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About The Gentlemen’s Expo:

The Gentlemen’s Expo is an annual event that entertains and educates men and women in topics related to men’s lifestyle through brand experience areas and interesting products while encouraging men to #BeBetter. It is the re-invention of the consumer show, putting experience, content and entertainment at the forefront.

This year, The Gentlemen’s Expo 2016 is happening on November 10 to 12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building (222 Bremner Blvd). For more information, please visit

Below is a growing list of some of the amazing attractions you can find at The Gentlemen’s Expo this year:

Underground Chef Co. (UCC) Battle – O.G Addition:

Get ready to experience the biggest, ‘bad-est’ and most epic food battle that Toronto has ever seen! The team over at Underground Chef Co. have been hard at work organizing an insane line-up of Chefs that hail from around the GTA to create a special edition Chef Battle, exclusively on The Gentlemen’s Expo Cooking Stage for the very first time.

The Chefs battling at this year’s event include veteran Chef Ted Reader (Ted’s World Famous BBQ) and the incredibly talented Chef Jeff Dueck (2ndFloor Events). The Chef Battle will be hosted by both Joe Friday (Founder of UCC) and comedian, Mike Ward. There will also be an incredible panel of judges who will score each Chef. These judges have yet to be announced.

For anyone who has never witnessed a UCC Chef Battle live before: Underground Chef Co., challenges Chefs to create several dishes from secret ingredients in under one-hour and provide audience goers with a real-time experience of life in the kitchen. It’s hot, loud, and it’s messy but this on-stage event will leave you in shock and awe once you see what these Chef’s come up with.

Openly On-stage Discussion:

The Openly discussion is another first for The Gentlemen’s Expo and it’s happening on their main stage. The Openly Discussion will feature some of the biggest names and brightest minds in the Canadian culinary world all sitting together to talk about life in the kitchen, how they started out in the business and even about their likes and dislikes about today’s food and drink scene. Be prepared to laugh and learn from these heavy-hitting Chefs because there will be a ton of knowledge and experience sharing the stage at one time.

Currently scheduled to participate in the Openly discussion is Whiskey Chef Matt Jones, Chef Ted Reader, Chef Jeff Dueck, Krista Faist (Editor of Foosdism TO), Kevin Brauch (The Thirsty Traveller), Chef Mike Hunter, Chef Rob Rainford and some surprise appearances from some other well known culinary experts in Toronto’s food scene. The discussion will be hosted by Quebec City native comedian, Mike Ward.

Craft Beer, Spirits, Wine, and Cocktails:

The Gentlemen’s Expo will feature an expanded offering of some of the world’s best alcohol brands and mixed beverages. Categories that you can expect to find at The Gentlemen’s Expo range from scotches, bourbons, whisk(e)ys, craft beer and conventional beer brands, wines, cocktails and everything in between. The Gentlemen’s Expo will definitely not leave you thirsty but remember, we’re gentleman so please drink responsibly.

Sports Simulators:

The Gentlemen’s Expo is bringing an array of interactive athletic simulators to try your hand or foot at so why not show off all those skills you’ve honed throughout your life? You can even compete with your friends for the ultimate bragging rights.

The Bag Jump:

For the second year in a row, The Gentlemen’s Expo will be bringing the infamous Bag Jump back to the event. Jump off an enormous 30ft scaffold into a giant inflatable bag. Take the leap, if you dare…

Culinary Stage:

The Gentlemen’s Expo will feature demonstrations from some of Toronto’s top culinary experts, including: Chef Patrick McMurray, Chef Tonia Wilson, Chef Afrim Pristine, Chef Albert Ponzo, Chef Rob Rainford, Chef Lindsey Greflund, Chef Ted Reader and so much more!

Retail Shopping:

The Gentlemen’s Expo will have some of the most popular international and local men’s fashion brands, men’s accessories brands and even men’s grooming products. No matter what you’re looking for, The Gentlemen’s Expo it’s the perfect place to pick up some great gifts, just in time for the holiday season!

Yamaha Music’s Garage Band Experience:

A fully built out, pop-up garage that’s perfectly set up with all of Yamaha Music Canada’s finest instruments for you to try. Who knows… after The Gentlemen’s Expo is over you might decide to start your own garage rock band.

The Gentlemen’s Den:

Picture all of your favourite bar games, housed within one massive area for you to enjoy. We’re talking about ping pong tables, pool tables, and even foosball!

Clinque For Men / Lab Series Gentlemen’s Lounge:

Come and enjoy a fully functional pop-up spa for men where you can experience top-of-the-line products from both Clinique for Men and Lab Series. Once you go through the full experience, you’ll come out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the evening as a true gentleman! By the way… Once you’re finished you’ll also be given a drink in-hand for going through the whole experience.
We like to thank Davide De Laurentiis,Marketing & Communications Manager for the invitation to this event

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