The 4th Annual Suits and Staches @Waterworks (Sat. Nov.19th, 2016)

Words by Joe Mancuso Photography by BK on the SCENE

It wasn’t so long ago that a man’s health issues were a taboo subject, unless it was a broken bone or sporting sprain. Serious issues were left in the dark finally the discussion was brought into the light by linking such serious issues such as prostate cancer and mental health to that most manly pursuit of growing and proudly showing off a proper moustache.
The 4th Annual Suits and Staches in support of The Movember Foundation did just that spectacularly!
Even the Waterworks event space was done to the nines with sparkly hanging lights and the full black curtain and red carpet VIP treatment.
The decor highlighted the throngs of beautifully attired people clad in there best suits and stunning ballgowns as the majority of men clearly in the spirited of things proudly sported their best efforts at a fully realized upper lip ornament. There were plenty of handle bars, chevrons and westerns in evidence as well as the odd van dyke and 70’s porn monster.

All were well manicured -no mere lip dusters here!
The packed room happlily swayed and bounced to the best R&B band (The St. Royals) this side of Chicago and they brought down the house as acrobats dangled from the ceiling dazzled with their high flying tricks, swirled and flipped above the gasping party goers. As the hours slid effortlessly by, the full on band morphed into a Dj and MC keeping the vibe bouyant as the music kept the dance-floor heaving.
The dancers paused only to refresh themselves at the many drink stations offering all sorts of premium libations while the constant supply of hors d’oeurves and food ranged from butternut squash ravioli to amazing empanadas kept everyone energized until the late night fave- pizza came out!
Was the party spectacular? Of course, it is Toronto afterall, but it also accomplished that most heartwarming of Canadian things – a huge crowd, in the full spirit of the event, came out to support a very worthy and progressive cause. We should be proud, this one is not to be missed!

We would like to thank Michael Braiden from Suits & Staches for the invitation to this event

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